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Black Motherhood is STRENGTH! Raising black children in today’s America is not easy. You have to teach your children how to navigate in a world where they are often set up to fail. Teaching my children the importance of love comes first. If they love God, then love self, then love others, they will always be resilient and able to stand up to negative forces. Black mothers can be criticized for giving out tough love but we do it because it’s necessary. I think it’s also important to show a softer, more vulnerable side to your children, in order to gain a mutual trust and understanding of one another.

Tisho WardMother

My birthing experience was one of the hardest things I’ve ever been through. I went natural so I felt all the pain. What I love most about my son is his smile. He loves to be held.

Da’Shanae MathewsSingle Mother

I am a perfectionist, but with so much going on it’s really difficult to balance. I pray a lot, and I have been real in-tune with my daughter. These moments fly by, so I have been slowing down trying to enjoy them. I still work and sell bonnets, but my priority is definitely my family. The salon business has been good to me, so after 14 years my clients aren't complaining about my tight schedule.

Katryna HuntCosmetologist, entrepreneur, wife, mother of three
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